4 - The organization and planning

At this moment, the Celebration Congress' organization team consits of Jojan Jonker (middle, the Netherlands), Berthy Cambier (right, the Netherlands), Dori-Michelle Beeler (left, USA). and not on the picture: Natalia Litvinova (Russia),  Eileen Sakai (US) and Hildegard Martens (Germany).

The preliminary planning looks like this:

- 2017: Initial dream given words. The news is spreading (Reiki gatherings, website, Facebook ...).

- 2020: World wide announcement of the Celebration Congress, with more detailed information.

- 2021: Registration for the congress will be opened.

(- 2022: April: possibility for Reiki organizations to schedule their own gathering.)

- 2022: April: 3(?)-day Celebration Congres, Kyoto / Mount Kurama, Japan.

- 2022: April/May: Post-congress tour; one of 5 days and another of 14 days.

For Reiki organizations, this could be a (according to some: should be the) perfect oppertunity to organize - by themselves and for their own members - their own (annual) conference, for instance in the week preceding the Celebration Congress. At this moment, at least one organization takes this into consideration. 

Do we meet on Mt. Kurama ...?