3 - The bigger picture

The idea for this Celebration Congress is not an isolated idea. It connects to other projects taking place, and together they unveil a bigger picture.

Decades of divergence have led to wounds by many people. At this moment, a process that I consider as (re)conciliation-in-action is on its way to heal those people, to transform divergence into convergence. This proces is conducted by René Vögtli. For more information on this proces and its progress, see conciliation.

The English Reiki Magazine Touch has publish an article on this in its Autumn 2017 issue. For more information, follow touch-magazine.

The German Reiki magazine Reiki Magazin will re-print this article in its March 2018 issue translated in German. Follow reiki-magazin,

At this moment, several Reiki orgazations and leading figures in the worldwide Reiki community are approached and invited to participate in this event.